• Promotions: an Ingredient in the Smart Life

    Certain events have a way of causing folks to wax poetic. And the recession that started sometime in 2008 and, arguably, is over now, is one of those events. From "the New Normal" to "Coupons are Cool" to "Extreme Couponing" this era of frugality has spawned a language all its own. The latest -- and in my view one of the more interesting -- turns of phrase comes from Michael Cross who wrote a piece over at CPGMatters.com about the emergence of "Smart Living."
  • How will the year end?

    The fourth quarter is typically one of the strongest for coupon redemption, which usually makes it the wild card in determining how the level of coupon redemption for any given calendar year. And 2011 is no different. Inmar reports that the first half was fairly flat (Q1 was down 3% compared to the same period in 2010, but Q2 was up 4%). However the third quarter was up significantly at 13%, driving coupon redemption up about 5% for the first three quarters versus the same period in 2010. So where will coupon redemption land this year?