Strengthen customer relationships and navigate fiscal challenges in one fell swoop.

Our financial management solutions are the stress-free route to impactful promotion rollouts — arming brands with an arsenal of savvy tools and key insights that make it easy to craft contemporary, budget-friendly programs in perfect harmony with goals. Wave goodbye to promotional headaches and welcome a new era of heightened consumer engagement, robust sales acceleration, and unrivaled value extraction.



Experience strategy and settlement in perfect sync.

Giving shoppers the savings they crave takes center stage with Inmar’s settlement solutions. We merge digital expertise with complete promotional data for retailer-specific insights that elevate your marketing's impact. Armed with real-time analytics, you can swiftly refine strategies to hit financial marks. Plus, enjoy rapid data analysis for agile decision-making and stronger retailer relationships, all while delivering deals consumers will use and love.

Why Inmar’s settlement solution?


Faster turnaround on promotions data for better in-flight analysis of incentives


Mandated fraud controls at the retail level


Fewer disputes occurring between retailers and CPGs improving retail trade partnerships


Trade Promotions

Lower your promotion costs by up to 35%.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to strategic fund allocation. Imagine harnessing near real-time insights into each campaign's performance so you can focus your resources on promotions that truly perform. That's the power of our consumption-based validation services, with Inmar Scan Apps. It’s time to shift gears from broad-spectrum spending to targeted, triumph-driven investment — so you can spend less for even greater returns.

Why Inmar’s trade promotions?


Validate incremental volume based on consumption


Increase effectiveness of brand spending


Identify your least efficient retailers and wholesalers


Consumer Care

Delight customers, lock in loyalty, and save big $. 

Our all-in-one consumer care solution makes it easy to retain customers, decrease acquisition costs, and grow lifetime value with fast, flexible customer payments. Now, you can give shoppers near-instant satisfaction — for less than you thought possible — with a fast, seamless resolution process featuring the digital-first payouts today’s customers expect and appreciate. Because nobody likes to wait, and now your shoppers won’t have to. 

Why Inmar’s Consumer Care?


Subscription-based pricing


One single portal to
manage payments 


Built-in fraud protection



Say goodbye to unnecessary deductions and hello to increased margins.

DeductionsLink combines accounts receivable automation with intelligent, collaborative workflows to help save time, recover more, and prevent deductions with just a few clicks. Through AI-based forecasting methods, DeductionsLink automates data extraction, coding, and managing disputes — and helps AR analysts prioritize deductions based on recovery probability. So you can boost profits and recover up to 95% of invalid deductions.

Why Inmar’s DeductionsLink?


Increases margins by up to 15% and recovers up to 95% of invalid deductions


Easy-to-use portal frees up to 95% of the time analysts spend on manual tasks


Cuts preventable deductions by up to 20%

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