Auto dealer groups can now activate their data to adapt to changing consumer behaviors and market dynamics.

Become the leading dealership in your region. Have Inmar automate your marketing campaigns using scalable, predictive models — and leverage advanced analytics for superior campaign performance — driving you ahead in the competitive marketplace.



Inmar Automotive Solutions

Use smarter offers to proactively save time and money.

Streamline your marketing with a tailored outreach that dynamically adjusts to every stage of the customer journey. From maximizing lifetime values and detecting snowbirds or defectors, to conquesting market share from your local competition, effortlessly align your dealership’s efforts and ambitions.

Why Inmar’s automotive solutions?


Gain access to unique datasets to enrich your 1st party data and grow your market share


Boost revenue and increase through smart offer targeting tactics


Eliminate friction from the customer experience by hyper-personalizing campaigns at scale


Level up your driver relationships by partnering with us today!