Maximize shopper value using industry-leading technology and demand generation.

Driving more shoppers to make more trips with bigger baskets isn’t magic. It’s data, brought to life with innovative technology that helps you differentiate yourself from the competition. Our Incentives & Loyalty solutions allow you to deliver seamless, personalized shopping and saving experiences in-store and online — to drive sales, loyalty and even supplier investment. Which is kind of magical.


Demand Generation

Give your shoppers a wealth of premier digital savings opportunities, and they’ll give you their loyalty in return.

Our Demand Generation team’s extensive connections with established and rising CPGs allow you to curate offers that resonate with shoppers and align perfectly with your retailer goals. By focusing on personalized offers, you can leverage data-driven insights to deliver promotions that speak directly to individual customer preferences and behaviors. This hyper-targeted approach means your customers feel understood and valued, leading to enhanced loyalty and repeat business. 

Why Inmar’s Demand Generation solution?


Consultative sales approach to align brand and retail objectives


Data-driven offer sourcing to target the right brands and categories


Robust measurement for continuous improvement



Unlock the power of seamless promotions with our cutting-edge Promotion Engine.

Our Promotion Engine technology enables the execution of over 60 different types of online and in-store promotions. The API-driven engine lets you evaluate shoppers’ digital wallets to assign and execute all applicable discounts at checkout in real-time, enhancing the shopping experience and maximizing shopper savings. The platform also gives you the power to efficiently and easily manage promotions from end-to-end — from creation and in-flight modifications to offer targeting and measurement. 

Why Inmar’s Promotion Engine?


Internal and external collaboration features


Real-time basket evaluation


Seamless redemption across online and in-store channels


Loyalty Tech

Captivate shoppers with pinpoint promotion accuracy.

Elevate your marketing with a loyalty platform that empowers you to craft personalized campaigns, gain deep audience insights by segment or at a 1:1 level, and shape promotion strategies for maximum impact. Streamline management with a suite of tools for clubs, points, cash back, and more. Enjoy simplified execution through an intuitive workflow, backed by expert support. Optimize in real-time with integrated insights, ensuring a seamless shopper experience and intelligent investment decisions.

Why Inmar’s Loyalty Tech?


Integrated workflow to maximize efficiency and collaboration


Advanced personalization capabilities to increase relevance and engagement


Flexible tech to connect loyalty campaigns with media strategies


What can we help you achieve?

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