Day three of the Inmar Analytics Forum is your chance to dig down into the execution of forward-thinking supply chain strategies and how Inmar approaches solutions for value retention, increased efficiency and risk mitigation.
Here’s a listing of the sessions:Update and Test Drive Inmar’s Return Management Application
Dawn Bland, Supply Chain Product Manager, Inmar
Visit Inmar’s Innovation Lab and take Inmar’s newest Returns Management Application for a test drive!  You will gain a first-hand understanding of how the dynamic business rules engine adapts to your changing business needs, allowing you to optimize returns management in your supply chain.  Inmar’s powerful analytics allow reporting as your professionals need it, from executive overviews down to operations support, detail drill-through and KPI scorecard data.Value Recovery on Unproductive Inventory – Inmar Remarketplace
Curtis Greve, VP of Remarketing and Transportation, Inmar
Learn how effective secondary market strategies can help retain value on returns, reduce waste and transportation costs through selling unproductive inventory to a ready, competitive market of buyers interested in your returned product.Regulatory Risk Mitigation for Hazardous Product and Other Regulated Waste Streams
Kristin Alstad, Regulatory Compliance Manager, Inmar – Inmar Regulated Waste App
Learn how Inmar’s Regulatory Team and Technology Solutions can mitigate regulatory risks, reduce your cost of staying compliant, enhance sustainability efforts and gain the maximum value for unproductive inventory.  Increase Shopper Loyalty and Improve Sales: Retailers and Manufacturers Collaborate for Success at Retail with Inmar InSTORESM
Rob Small, Senior Director, Supply Chain, Inmar
Learn how a simple mobile app can help retailers and manufacturers gain the power of real-time data and analytics to optimize sales through reporting on-shelf availability, compliance, product condition and presentation. ​​

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