At Inmar, we have been pleased to see manufacturers have begun employing more specific – and restrictive – language in their coupon legal copy regarding permissible redemption. In addition, many retailers are also updating their coupon acceptance policies to better address the purchase practices of some of today’s couponers.

Lots of CouponsThe new language is directed at consumers and is around limiting the number of like or identical coupons that can be used in the same shopping trip.  Most manufacturers are opting to limit consumers to either two or four like or identical coupons. The language is something to the effect of “Limit of xx like coupons in the same shopping trip.”

We want to encourage all our clients to consider employing similar language on their coupons.  The specific language used will be determined by the specific goals of the manufacturer in conjunction with typical purchase behavior of your products.

With redemption limits clearly presented on the coupon — and with active compliance by retailers — we believe the industry can mitigate excessive couponing and reduce instances of couponers “clearing the shelves” by redeeming excessive numbers of coupons in numbers exceeding reasonable expectations.

More and more retailers are updating their coupon redemption policies to limit the number of coupons that can be used by a consumer in a single transaction or day.  Our belief is that the combination of stated legal copy by the manufacturer, in conjunction with stated coupon acceptance policies by the retailer, will work together to deter extreme couponing practices by consumers.

Our hope is that trading partners will become more proactive in addressing this issue. However this email should not be construed, in any way, as legal advice.  You should seek appropriate internal legal counsel before making any business decisions regarding changing your coupon legal copy.

In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about how Inmar can help with your coupon program management, please contact your Inmar account representative.

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