Inmar is now enabling brands to develop and deliver personalized, single-use rebate offers targeting individual customers at scale. Brands working with Inmar can leverage previously captured consumer data to structure and distribute customized, individualized rebate offers through email or SMS —with user-friendly submission taking place online.
Each rebate offer – delivered to a specifically identified consumer – contains a unique link to a client-branded submission page dedicated to that promotion. Stored consumer data pre-populates the submission form as appropriate, streamlining the submission process and facilitating consumer completion of additional, purchase-related or personal information fields required for promotion participation.
Built-in security features help clients control financial liability by limiting access to offers to only intended recipients. In addition, once the online submission process is completed, the link provided to the participating consumer cannot be used again.
With Inmar’s personalized rebate solution:Shoppers can be targeted from an existing CRM database or from opt-ins captured during previous rebate submission processing.Customer Care teams can provide more secure high-value offers to help resolve consumer-relations issues.Offers are structured in accordance with the client’s business rules and can be targeted to the end-user using multiple criteria including product type, rebate value and redemption period.Online submission process can be used to develop more complete shopper profiles to enhance future marketing efforts.Analytics for the targeted offers are available to gain insight into submitter preferences and response behaviors.
To learn more about how to leverage personalized rebates to drive sales from your existing customers, contact your Inmar Account Team.

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