Supply Chain professionals will have a unique opportunity to hear successful strategies from the best in the business at the Inmar Analytics Forum, April 12-14, 2016 in Winston-Salem, NC. In the current shifting consumer-product landscape it’s more important than ever to huddle with industry colleagues whenever possible to share and learn profitable strategies for handling the supply-chain complexities of omni-channel commerce, returns management and remarketing. Among many valuable “don’t miss” opportunities at the Forum will be the supply chain session titled, “Balance the Equation: Developing a Win-Win Reverse Supply Strategy.”

In this session, experts representing major CPG brands will share their success building a reverse strategy that covers the needs of both manufacturers and retailers in managing discontinues, seasonal, promotions, OS&D, failed innovation, expires and other sticky spots in reverse supply chain. More and more, reverse supply chain is revealing itself as a factor in profitability and growth.

The Analytics Forum will include a number of valuable sessions covering supply chain optimization, reducing unsaleables, the changing regulatory landscape, and market actions such as recalls and withdrawals. This is your opportunity to align with those at the top of the industry to stay competitive and get ahead amid the challenges of an evolving economy. Click to learn more or register now for the Inmar Analytics Forum.

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