The Forum’s Promotion track comprises sessions across four key areas: Partnerships in Trade Promotions, Promotion Analytics, The Future of Promotions and Shopper Analytics. Included in the Promotion Analytics “focus track” is a panel discussion on how to use brand-owned media to drive trial, awareness:

“Innovative and Effective Digital Promotion Strategies for Driving Awareness, Engagement and Lift”
The possibilities for digital promotion as a business driver seem limitless, but to fully leverage that potential, digital engagement must be executed strategically – with careful focus given to effective utilization of multiple resources. This panel discussion will explore ways to utilize brand-owned media to drive trial and awareness, examine best practices for using digital advertising to support campaigns, discuss the importance of platform diversification for promotion execution and highlight how to engage with brand advocates to achieve campaign goals.
This is just one of the more than 20 dynamic sessions available to Promotion track participants. In addition to formal programming addressing highly relevant issues and offering solutions to real-world business challenges, the Inmar Analytics Forum will provide a number of opportunities for networking with trading partners and connecting with industry peers. Inmar solution experts and account managers will also be available to meet and discuss opportunities for collaboration.
Attending the Inmar Analytics Forum could change the way you do business, so register now! To register,  visit theInmar Analytics Forum website.
Please note, registration is free until March 1.

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