The 2016 Inmar Analytics Forum, taking place April 12-14 in Winston-Salem, NC, will offer more than 50 informational sessions across three industry tracks — Promotion, Supply Chain and Healthcare. Within the Supply Chain industry track will be four Focus tracks:Supply Chain Optimization: In a rapidly changing manufacturing and retail environment marked by multi-channel business, online commerce and short-cycle supply response, it is more important than ever to maximize efficiency and agility to remain competitive. From small and mid-market companies who want to scale their growth, to large companies who want to keep pace and improve or solidify market position, all will benefit from sessions shedding light on how to compete in the new economy and get the most value from their supply chain.In the Store: The true picture of product performance relies on full visibility. Go beyond returns numbers to understand how easy-to-deploy mobile technology can give you real-time invaluable data on on-shelf availability, packaging performance, retail promotion compliance and more. Learn how sharing this information with trading partners can open up new opportunities to return greater value from your supply chain.Regulatory: Inmar’s regulatory experts will help you understand how to navigate the current changes in hazardous waste regulation, as rules change at the state, federal and even county level in some states. You’ll have the opportunity to understand how the rules are changing and how simple technology solutions can help ensure your company’s compliance with the evolving regulatory landscape.Market Actions: Product recalls and withdrawals are among the greatest risks any company will ever face. Inmar’s recall experts have handled large-scale market actions for decades and will guide you through the most up-to-date methodologies for staging a timely, effective response through best practices that manage brand protection, consumer loyalty and regulatory compliance.
The Inmar Analytics Forum is dedicated to exploring the practical application of analytics to drive engagement, enhance market penetration and grow revenue. The Forum will deliver real insight into developing data-based solutions to the challenges faced by business in today’s marketplace. So, make plans now to attend.
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