Inmar has launched a new subscription analytics service – the Inmar Shopper Promotion Impact Report – that looks beyond transactional metrics for coupons and delivers brands critical, related behavioral insights, including:Who actually redeemed the coupon(s).Where shoppers found the offers (online / in-store /newspaper).How coupons affect brand perception.How offers influence future purchase decisions.
To provide this actionable business intelligence, Inmar will conduct a monthly survey of 2,000 shoppers who have used a coupon (paper or digital) for a grocery item in the past 24 hours. Research will focus on illuminating the complete promotions experience with responses recorded for a number of key metrics including:Promotion type usage.Impact of coupon on purchase.Likelihood to buy the product again.
Subscribers to the Inmar Shopper Promotion Impact Report receive category-level data on a quarterly basis along with demographic profiles of coupon-users by method and a year-end report, as well. Options are available for more detailed analysis by subcategory and customized reporting can be ordered according to brand and business needs.
For more information contact your Inmar Account Representative.

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