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With more than 20 years’ experience providing on-site services for hospitals and health systems, Inmar is a recognized leader in pharmaceutical inventory management. Our focus on service, quality, results and accountability ensure we minimize liability and maximize credits on behalf of our hospitals. Our experienced sales and service professionals work on-site with our clients to manage physical pharmacy inventory, pharmaceutical returns, recalls and waste disposal in a compliant and efficient manner.

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Physical Pharmacy Inventory Services

Inmar has long standing relationship with Capital Inventory, leaders in hospital pharmacy inventory counting and valuation. Our clients benefit from timely third-party physical inventory audits and detailed fiscal reports. Pre-inventory interview ensures proper report locations and separate reports for specialty products.

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Product Safety and Recall Management Solution (RASMAS)

RASMAS streamlines recall workflow through comprehensive notification, distribution, organization, and management of healthcare product alerts and recalls. It helps reduce legal risk, improve patient safety, simplify regulatory reporting, and enhance the recall management process.

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Rx Hazardous Returns

Our comprehensive, automated, Rx Hazardous product tool works within our Rx returns application and drives value retention, regulatory compliance and efficiency – for products that require unique handling due to any reason.

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Pharmaceutical Returns

Minimize liability and drive profitability in an efficient and compliant manner, through on-site or off-site Rx returns solutions that deliver industry-leading accuracy, automation, policy management, better reconciliation, documentation and benchmarking.

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Rx Returns Identification

Inmar’s EXPIdentify web based software program features continuously updated information providing assistance with your pharmaceutical return credits maximization, pharmaceutical waste transfer minimization, and regulatory compliance.

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Third-Party Pharmacy Reconciliation

Rx Reconciliation manages claims and payment reconciliation services for retail pharmacies. Our solution improves reimbursement, profitability and payer compliance through claims reconciliation, exception workflow management, and business intelligence. With comprehensive reporting, auditing and liability tracking, we position companies to reduce costs, manage risk and maximize revenue.

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Pharmacy Performance Analytics

Drive profitability, contracted rate compliance and favorable contract negotiations through business analytics, detailed metrics and automated exceptions monitoring. Position yourself for success in value-based reimbursement through measuring quality at the contract level, forecasting DIR fees, modeling financial upsides and downsides of different scenarios, and pinpointing which patients need what services.

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Rx Audit Management

Streamline the payer audit response process, improves results and enables preemptive risk mitigation through predictive analytics and audit intelligence. Our web app enables pharmacies to manage audits from pharmacy payers through a workflow process designed to quantify audits, identify impacted claims, and negotiate and manage take-backs.

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Commercial Matting Solutions – Floor Mats

Customizable floor mats for virtually any application in your facilities. We help you choose the right solution for every area based to meet your objectives: increase branding, help with cleanliness, or enhance worker comfort and safety. Our mats are built with the latest technology and materials to ensure durability.

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Behavioral Analytics

Inmar’s Healthcare Analytics and solution enables health systems and retailers to better understand and influence patients in the dynamic and highly regulated healthcare marketplace. We help our clients develop insights and create executable strategies influencing patient behavior and driving improved outcomes.

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Independent Pharmacy Reconciliation

Third-party claims reconciliation is an important business practice for community pharmacies. Rx Reconciliation from Inmar is a best-in-class secure web-based application, designed for independent pharmacies. It allows pharmacies to search for claims and view trends for their store and help identify financial risk from open and overpaid claims.

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Employee Wellness Programs

Inmar’s Employee Engagement Solution uses predictive analytics to improve employee and dependent population wellness. It provides personal nutrition guidance through grocery basket nutrition scoring, targeted promotional offers on healthier foods, and educational content.  Our solution saves employees money and motivates them to make healthier decisions daily.

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