DSCSA Pharmacy Compliance

Prepare your pharmacy operations for DSCSA Dispenser Requirements and stay compliant

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$75 billion
Counterfeit drugs cost the global pharma industry $75 billion a year
Over 1 million
WHO estimate the number of people who die from counterfeit medicines


Compliance with DSCSA means you have to be able to trace the full transaction history  of every medication that passes through your pharmacy. We can help you save time, become compliant and protect your business.

Achieving compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act is only getting more urgent and failure to comply is not an option. But fully aligning pharmacy operations with  the requirements of the Act represents an incredible challenge for most pharmacies.

That’s why we’re offering pharmacies our DSCSA Solution:

DSCSA by Inmar is cloud-based, highly secure, scalable and easy to use.
Data in the Cloud


Data exist in a location in the cloud. No hardware maintenance is required and backup is automatic.

Secure Data

Highly Secure

Data is a secure as your online banking transactions.

Large Facilities


Appropriate for single facilities as well as large integrated health systems.

Developed with Practitioners

Easy to Use

Developed side-by-side with actual pharmacy clinical practitioners.

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Track product transaction history


Confirms that all current and potential trading partners are legitimate entities


Receive and store all required product tracking data


Provide immediate product tracking information


Report suspicious products within 24 hours of discovery by generating a Form 3911 within the solution


The DSCSA Regulation has 2 primary components:

Pharmacy Audit Verification Icon


  • Confirm that entities that you do business with are registered and licensed.
  • Keep the tracing information (T3) on each product for a minimum of 6 years.
Pharmacy Reporting Icon


  • Provide Product Tracing Documentation within 48 hours of a request.
  • Report suspicious or illegitimate drug product within 24 hours of discovery.

DSCSA Requirements going forward:

  • Dispensers transact only serialized product
  • Saleable returns verified
  • Interoperable electronic system
  • Unit level traceability

Inmar’s DSCSA solution is evolving as the regulation moves towards the 2023 deadline. Platform enhancements are included in the subscription costs. 

Inmar’s DSCSA platform also interacts with the Inmar USP <800> regulatory module to provide continuous monitoring to alert you of any new hazardous drugs that are added to your formular.

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