Unlock Shopper Potential With Our Proven Incentive & Loyalty Solutions

Over 70% of shoppers make purchase decisions based on savings or rewards — which means incentives are must-haves for brands and retailers if they want to win shopper loyalty. As a result, the ability to design, execute and measure incentives has never been more crucial to a successful growth strategy.

We’re here to help you deliver the loyalty-building savings shoppers need, and expect

Our Incentive & Loyalty solutions will deliver more than $10B in savings to shoppers in 2023

These solutions are backed by technology, measurement, distribution and back-end processes we’ve carefully refined over time, to ensure they effectively reach and motivate consumers throughout the shopper journey.

Partner with us for comprehensive incentives & loyalty solutions that help win, and keep, shoppers.

For Retailers

Execute compelling and comprehensive loyalty-building programs across all touchpoints.

Give shoppers relevant, industry-leading savings opportunities through our Demand Generation Services.

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Solutions for Retailers

Digital Incentives

Our customizable platform gives retailers unprecedented control over the creation, optimization and redemption of shopper incentives — including secure, efficient digital wallet management. Thanks to extensive manufacturer relationships, we provide immediate access to national and account-specific coupon content — helping you deliver robust savings to shoppers.

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Loyalty Solutions

Our incentive and audience management platform provides intuitive, self-service tools that allow you to design, execute and manage loyalty programs that easily adapt to changing markets. With customizable points, clubs and continuity functionality, you can seamlessly run robust loyalty programs with real-time segmentation strategies.

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Our white-label e-commerce platform ensures your digital brand is a seamless extension of your in-store brand. It provides a holistic view of each customer, and personalizes the shopping experience based on the buyer's unique declared and inferred preferences.

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Incentives Financial Management

Our innovative, comprehensive paper and digital coupon settlement solution drives maximum promotion recovery for US and Canadian retailers. Not only does it feature best-in-class reporting, analytics, efficiency and security, but it also delivers the industry’s fastest payment turnaround.

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Solutions for Brands

Digital Incentives

Retail Cloud’s market-leading digital incentives network lets brands integrate their digital promotions into Retail Media Network campaigns, and utilizes ShopperSync™ CDP data to guide the targeting and distribution of offers. In addition, our Self-Serve Incentives Manager and Media Manager interfaces allow for easy campaign setup, and provide real-time access to full-funnel attribution reporting.

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Incentives Financial Management

Take the stress out of promotions, and drive what really matters — consumer engagement, sales growth and maximum value. Our turnkey solution can settle multiple incentive types with one partner at a fixed weekly price.

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Consumer Care Solution

Leveraging our nearly 40 years of payment processing experience, Inmar’s consumer care solution makes it easier to retain customers, decrease customer acquisition costs, and grow customer lifetime value with fast and flexible consumer payments.

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Our fast, flexible, retailer-agnostic Rebate Services solution makes it easy to win new customers and keep the ones you have. Shoppers get easy access to timely rebates through multiple channels, and can choose the best payment options for their needs. Plus, you’ll receive performance insights that can help drive sales.

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Trade Promotions

ScanApps’ consumption-based validation services allow allocating and shifting your promotion funds based on validated results. So instead of spending money on weaker promotions, you can focus it on the ones performing best.

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DeductionsLink™ combines accounts receivable automation with smart, collaborative workflows to help save time, recover more, and prevent deductions from happening in the first place.

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At the heart of our comprehensive solution is its exclusive data intelligence platform, ShopperSync® CDP, which mobilizes SKU-level transaction data and other shopping-related behaviors sourced from point-of-sale systems and consumer touchpoints for personalization and activation across the marketing portfolio.

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