Driven by data. Designed for advertisers.

Optimized to Reach Today’s Omnichannel Shoppers
programmatic media tools - reach


Easy access to +200MM shoppers and extensive 1st-party data

programmatic media - segmentation


SKU-level customer profiles based on omnichannel browsing and purchasing behavior

programmatic media - shopper engagement


Geo-weighting and real-time bidding for near-instantaneous shopper engagement

programmatic media - transparency


Full transparency and control over pricing, data provenance, and media inventory

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Media Manager DSP/DMP

The first ad stack designed to address the specific programmatic needs of brands, retailers, and advertisers. Leverage store-level targeting, create audiences based on 1st-party data, and measure your results with real-time sales attribution.

ShopperSync™ CDP

Provides direct access to e-commerce and in-store transaction data for segmentation. Easy-to-use UI provides full self-serve options for advertisers to launch campaigns, access real-time sales reports, and set auto-optimization against in-store sales targets. 

Supports any retail media network

Seamlessly integrates with retail supply side inventory to enable comprehensive programmatic media solutions.

Real-time sales attribution

Sales attribution is available via real-time reporting dashboards.


Unique technology allows advertisers to set auto-optimization for sales outcomes down to the SKU level.

Social shopper audiences

Combines the precision of online and in-store purchase data from leading retailers with the reach and commerce impact of paid social advertising.

Direct integration

Our direct integration with Facebook allows you to target transparent retail audiences across Facebook and Instagram at scale.

Digital Media Formats Supported (Display + Video)

programmatic media desktop ads

Desktop + Mobile Ads

Paid Social Ads

Paid Social Ads



Onsite Display at Retail

Onsite Display at Retail

Connected TV (short and long)

Connected TV (short and long)

Digital Out of Home

Digital Out of Home


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