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Inmar solutions make pharmacy management easier. Our tools support the many areas that require your attention — including logistics, regulatory, financial management, and analytics. So you can focus on patients. With 25+ years of experience — serving more than 80% of all hospital pharmacies and processing 95% of the industry's wholesale returns — we're ready to help you drive increased efficiency and value retention. As the leader in Rx returns — serving pharma companies, hospitals, long-term care and retailers — Inmar Intelligence collects 30+ million pounds of Rx products annually.

Drug Diversion Surveillance

Drug Diversion Surveillance

Drug diversion in the clinical setting can be disastrous for health systems, their employees and the patients in their care. Using our AI-driven Drug Diversion Surveillance offering, health systems can be proactive in predicting, detecting and ultimately preventing the theft and misuse of controlled substances -- improving safety, increasing operational efficiency and mitigating risk while saving money.

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hospital pharmaceutical returns icon

Hospital Pharmaceutical Returns

Our solutions deliver credit maximization, policy management, reconciliation, multi-level reporting and benchmarking — to drive profitability, minimize liability and maintain compliance. As the leader in Rx returns — serving pharma companies, hospitals, long-term care and retailers — Inmar Intelligence collects 30+ million pounds of Rx products annually.

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OneRecall™ for Hospitals

OneRecall™ for Hospitals

OneRecall™ streamlines recall workflow through comprehensive notification, distribution, organization and management of healthcare product alerts and recalls. It helps:

  • Reduce legal risk
  • Improve patient safety
  • Simplify regulatory reporting
  • Enhance the recall management process

In the case of multiple pharmacies, OneRecall™ also serves as a task management solution for any pharmacy workflows that require an audit trail.

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MedEx Trace — TraySafe — TubeSafe

MedEx is a suite of products designed to prepare, track, secure, distribute and confirm medication deliveries.

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medidentify returns management

MEDidentify™ Returns Management

Our MEDidentify™ web-based software features continuously updated information to provide assistance with: Regulatory compliance, Pharmaceutical hazardous waste identification, Waste transfer minimization, Return credits maximization.

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Inmar offers customizable floor mats for virtually any application.

Commercial Floor Matting Solutions

We offer customizable floor mats for virtually any application, whether you want to increase branding, help with cleanliness or enhance worker comfort and safety. Our mats are built with the latest technology and materials, to ensure durability. 

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Inmar provides consumer drug take-back programs for easy disposal of prescription drugs.

LifeInCheck™ Consumer Drug Take-Back

The LifeInCheck Consumer Drug Take-Back program enables everyone in your community to safely and easily dispose of surplus and expired medications — any time they visit your location — just by dropping them in the secured receptacle.

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Rx Reconciliation and Collections icon

Rx Reconciliation and Collections

Inmar is the largest provider of third-party pharmacy reconciliation in the US, processing over one-billion claims annually. Our Rx Reconciliation solution automatically reconciles 100% of claims, and provides deep visibility into the information required to manage your pharmacy profitably. 

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Pharmacy Physical Inventory Services icon

Pharmacy Physical Inventory Services

Getting an accurate on-hand product count doesn’t have to interfere with everyday pharmacy operations. With Inmar's inventory services, our clients have access to improved reporting that enables faster data reconciliation, integration of serialized barcode technology and higher visibility to recall activity.

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Inmar provides prescription discount programs for chain pharmacies.

MyRxCard Discount Program

Offer your patients a discount program that saves them money, while protecting your margins. Inmar's MyRxCard, powered by LifeInCheck, offers a retailer-friendly approach. Thanks to our extensive experience in the pharmacy payment space, we've learned how to use unique pricing strategies that balance patient price with pharmacy profitability. 

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Inmar provides pharmacy performance analytics for chain pharmacies.

Pharmacy Performance Analytics

Drive profitability, contract rate compliance, and favorable contract negotiations through business analytics, benchmarked metrics and automated exceptions monitoring. Position yourself for success in value-based reimbursement, by measuring quality at the contract level, modeling the financial impact of different business and contract scenarios, and forecasting DIR fees.

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Inmar streamlines and manages chain pharmacy audits with a specially-designed workflow process.

Rx Audit Management

Streamline the payer audit response process, improve results and enable preemptive risk mitigation through predictive analytics and audit intelligence. Manage audits from pharmacy payers through a workflow process designed to quantify audits, identify impacted claims, and negotiate and manage take-backs.

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DSCSA Icon of Clipboard and Medicine

DSCSA Pharmacy Compliance

Compliance with DSCSA means you have to be able to trace the full transaction history of every medication that passes through your pharmacy. Inmar’s cloud-based subscription compliance solution streamlines DSCSA medication track and trace requirements making it easily executable with minimal impact on daily operations.

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USP <800> Secure Lock Icon

USP <800> Pharmacy Compliance

USP General Chapter <800> provides standards for the safe handling of hazardous drugs in order to minimize the risk of exposure to healthcare personnel, patients and the environment. This automated data science-driven subscription-based service provides the Assessment of Risks for handling hazardous drugs in compliance with USP <800> requirements while eliminating the manual, resource-intensive and error-prone efforts.

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