Reduce returns, cost, risk and environmental impact.

Inmar has an extensive reverse supply chain solution set that proactively reduces returns volume, protects your brand and maximizes return on asset through capabilities no other provider offers. We do it through best-in-class returns management software, decades of operational expertise, a nationwide facility network, comprehensive regulatory safeguards and decades of process improvement experience focused on improving performance and profitability.

Returns Management Software

Inmar’s web-based Returns Management application lets you put processing capabilities wherever you need them in your supply chain, according to your specific needs. Choose to process returns at retail, in a distribution center or at Inmar’s strategically located returns facilities. Manage your business dynamics through Inmar’s flexible, powerful business rules engine. Dashboards give you the ability to monitor activity and key metrics from anywhere.

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Returns Analytics Application

Seeing the data helps you drive operating efficiencies, reduce returns and improve asset recovery by leveraging a vast repository of data, insight and industry best practices. You’ll have unprecedented access to information through flexible drill-down technology that allows data to be viewed at every level – corporate-wide or a specific location to help you identify source reduction opportunities, see trends, address variances in returns practices and more.

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Claims Processing Application

Streamline the reimbursement process through timely processing and payment and ensure policy is applied fairly and consistently across all customers. Claims Processing enables you to capture information to the SKU level of detail, apply your policy and analyze the results. In the end, returns management is no longer a necessary evil—it is a strategic advantage.

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Invoice Management Application

With Inmar’s Invoice Management Application vendors can issue Return Authorizations and product disposition instructions online, quickly search for and retrieve new invoices and receive email notification regarding invoices awaiting authorization.

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Returns Processing

Many of the largest manufacturers and retailers rely on Inmar to help increase their profitability and product performance by helping reduce returns volume, protect their brand in the marketplace and maximize return on assets. Our process optimization software, data analytics and compliance technology provide supply chain visibility and decision support that connect reverse logistics to key performance elements and overall corporate profitability.

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