Inmar Supply Chain

Reduce Unsaleables. Optimize Process. Boost Profitability.

Inmar combines the unique transaction processing of returns with real-time analytics to enable supply chain improvement. Our technology platform delivers solution suites that facilitate all aspects of reverse logistics.


Proactively reduce your returns volume, protect your brand and maximize return on asset through capabilities no other provider offers. We do it through best-in-class returns management software, decades of operational expertise, a nationwide facility network, comprehensive regulatory safeguards and years of process improvement experience focused on improving performance and profitability.

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Supply Chain Performance Analytics

You need an ROI-focused strategy fueled by unparalleled analytics and superior talent, producing better answers through comprehensive insight. Our seasoned analysts help you identify actionable opportunities for optimization, waste reduction and profitability through data collected across the product lifecycle. Get insight driven by data trends and experience in handling more than 500 million returns annually and hundreds of large-scale studies every year.

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Liquidation and Remarketing

Get the best recovery value on the secondary market through our five-point liquidation program. Benefit from broad product categories of returns, overstock and excess inventory in all seasons and categories. Take confidence in the only provider invested heavily in a large regulatory team, with compliance rules built into our software for top-tier risk management.

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Rely on a trusted partner in the most risky prospect your company may ever face. Manage your risk with world-class recall and product withdrawal services including process optimization, notification and response, product retrieval, disposition and performance analytics. From readiness assessment and procedure development to regulatory guidance and reporting, Inmar can help you minimize the impact of market actions on your customers and your bottom line.

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