Effectively manage claims reconciliation.

Inmar’s comprehensive solution set maximizes profitability, reduces costs, and drives business intelligence through comprehensive reporting and best-in-class analytics and benchmarking.

Third-Party Pharmacy Reconciliation

Rx Reconciliation manages claims and payment reconciliation services for retail pharmacies. Our solution improves reimbursement, profitability and payer compliance through claims reconciliation, exception workflow management, and business intelligence. With comprehensive reporting, auditing and liability tracking, we position companies to reduce costs, manage risk and maximize revenue.

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Independent Pharmacy Reconciliation, Collections and Cash Rx Revenue Recovery

Third-party claims reconciliation is an important business practice for community pharmacies. Rx Recon from Inmar is a highly secure, best-in-class web-based application with collection services designed for independent pharmacies.

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Pharmacy Performance Analytics

Drive profitability, contracted rate compliance and favorable contract negotiations through business analytics, detailed metrics and automated exceptions monitoring. Position yourself for success in value-based reimbursement through measuring quality at the contract level, forecasting DIR fees, modeling financial upsides and downsides of different scenarios, and pinpointing which patients need what services.

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Rx Audit Management

Streamline the payer audit response process, improves results and enables preemptive risk mitigation through predictive analytics and audit intelligence. Our web app enables pharmacies to manage audits from pharmacy payers through a workflow process designed to quantify audits, identify impacted claims, and negotiate and manage take-backs.

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Rx Central Pay

Powerful financial management tool for independent pharmacy groups. It streamlines healthcare payer funds disaggregation for the independent pharmacy industry, whether the payments are for third-party claims, clinical services, MTM, etc. Clients can improve the speed of payment, while reducing the possibility of misplaced checks and employee theft.

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