Inmar Intelligence Extends Exclusive Contract for DSCSA Compliance with MMCAP Infuse

Inmar Intelligence | August 16, 2023

Inmar Intelligence, the leading provider of data-driven healthcare technology solutions, is thrilled to announce the extension of its contract with MMCAP Infuse for the innovative RxTransparent, their Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Compliance solution. This contract extension solidifies Inmar's position as the sole vendor for MMCAP Infuse members in this category.

With this new agreement, all 13,000 MMCAP Infuse members will have access to Inmar's state-of-the-art DSCSA Compliance solution, enabling healthcare institutions to efficiently track products, streamline operations and ensure adherence to DSCSA regulatory requirements.

The final phase of the DSCSA is rapidly approaching, and pharmacies must be fully compliant within the next four months ahead of the November 27 deadline. Inmar Intelligence’s RxTransparent serves as a cloud-based subscription service that safeguards staff and patients from illegitimate medication distribution.

"Inmar Intelligence is pleased to continue our partnership with MMCAP Infuse, providing its members with exclusive access to RxTransparent, our DSCSA Compliance solution," said David Schweihs, SVP, Healthcare Solutions at Inmar Intelligence. "With the upcoming deadline for DSCSA compliance, it is essential for pharmacies to have a reliable and efficient solution to track products and protect patients from counterfeit medication distribution. RxTransparent delivers exactly that and more."

In addition to RxTransparent, MMCAP Infuse has an existing contract with Inmar for Rx Returns, MEDidentify, and USP <800> solutions. This extension, combined with the existing contracts, reinforces safety and compliance standards for pharmacy operations while simultaneously enhancing overall efficiency and cost savings.

RxTransparent has already garnered substantial adoption within the healthcare industry, and it continues to be the solution of choice for some of the largest health systems in the United States. Six out of the Top 10 health systems rely on RxTransparent to seamlessly comply with DSCSA regulations, showcasing the trust and confidence the industry places in Inmar Intelligence’s leading solutions.

For more than 25 years, Inmar has been helping pharmacies, health systems and pharmaceutical manufacturers overcome their biggest challenges to create efficiencies, grow revenue, drive profitable growth and achieve regulatory compliance.