Medical Recalls: Not “If” but “When”

Inmar Intelligence Healthcare Team | January 20, 2022

Medical Recalls: Not “If” but “When”

Whether it’s for devices, supplies, or pharmaceuticals, eventually your hospital system will be impacted by a recall. The best way to prepare is to make certain your health system knows as much about those events as possible. And immediately. Any delay could lead to patient or staff injury. Or worse.

Speed and accuracy — in gathering information and in mitigating risk — is critical.

Fortunately, Inmar Intelligence has OneRecall, a user-friendly, web-based service designed to track recalls. Developed by the nation's leading healthcare partners, OneRecall is the only fully integrated offering in the marketplace, and it’s digitally transforming the drug recall process. Whether it’s for medical, pharmaceutical, or consumer product recalls, OneRecall singularly integrates recall notifications, product removals, disposition services, and documentation to streamline your recall response. 

Through a national online survey, we asked OneRecall users about their experience with our solution — from product performance to client onboarding and future enhancements — to gauge how OneRecall is performing for them. When asked to rate it, 3 out of 4 clients gave OneRecall “4 Stars” or higher

The source matters. 

How well your hospital handles recalls hinges on its information. Our dedicated team of analysts monitor, investigate, and aggregate recall events daily — and alerts are automatically disseminated to trained hospital staff. That creates a simplified workflow, making it easier and faster for your health system to mitigate recalls. In fact, 88% of clients agree OneRecall improves recall response visibility across their organizations. When everyone’s on the same page, recalls are handled more efficiently.

Recalls are the reality.

When you know something is a certainty, you prepare for it. 84% of clients agree their recall response has improved since subscribing to OneRecall. Our solution helps hospitals remove potentially harmful products before they impact patient care. This ensures risk is mitigated effectively. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what users are telling us . . .

“Solid program that lightens our workload. Being able to assign some responsibility to each department is a great asset”

“We’ve successfully used the system for many years. We are often made aware of safety issues that we wouldn’t otherwise have known about. The system covers every product that comes through our doors as a health system”

“Easy to use and great customer service”

“I find the system easy to work with even for those less tech savvy”

“The application is user friendly and always up-to-date with the most current recalls”