Shifting Trends In E-Commerce Returns Require New Tactics

Thomas Borders, VP & GM of Product Lifecycle Solutions | August 10, 2023


E-commerce has been something of a wild card for the last few years — to say the least. But the challenges that have cropped up from shifting buyer behaviors have a bright side. They could be presenting online merchants with new, exciting growth opportunities.

Recognizing (and addressing) how online shoppers’ needs have changed will go a long way with your customers.

But in order to make the necessary improvements, you have to know the three most essential components of the customer experience.

  • Purchasing 
  • Returns 
  • Sustainability 

When you prioritize the customer experience, you grow customer lifetime value.

Showing customers you see them — what they want and need — wins major points and helps reinforce shopper loyalty. And the more loyalty is earned, the stronger that customer lifetime value will be.

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Thomas Borders, VP & GM of Product Lifecycle Solutions