Leveraging Returns And Sustainability To Improve The Customer Experience

Thomas Borders, VP & GM of Product Lifecycle Solutions | April 22, 2024


E-commerce continues to present merchants with new challenges and opportunities. Understanding the best way to address these challenges will boost shopper loyalty, increase customer lifetime value, and make your operations more sustainable.

Recognizing – and addressing – the everchanging needs of the e-commerce buyer is an ongoing practice. Emerging technologies and shifting consumer behaviors require digital sellers to make continuous improvements, particularly in the areas of:

  1. Purchasing 
  2. Returns 
  3. Sustainability 

When you prioritize the customer experience, you grow customer lifetime value.

Showing customers that you listen, and care, will set you apart in the highly competitive e-commerce marketplace. Failing to embrace these nuances will result in a “race to the bottom” as everyone tries to compete on price. Optimizing your position in the market begins with understanding the wants and needs of your consumer.

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Thomas Borders, VP & GM of Product Lifecycle Solutions