Through curiosity and the intelligent use of data and technology, we make businesses smarter, accelerating commerce and creating better experiences that enrich consumers’ lives.



We’ve invested nearly $1B to build integrated platforms that fuel digital transformation for retailers, brands, pharmacies and hospitals. Thanks to our unified data, workflows and fund flows, these platforms are flexible & data-integrated, autonomous & monetizable, and streamlined & future-forward.

Four Clouds, One Powerful Partner

Retail Cloud: Powered By ShopperSync®

Retail Cloud

Shopper-centric data core. Powered by our ShopperSync® customer data platform (CDP). Accelerates modular retail marketing solutions.

Fintech Cloud: Powered By LedgerSync™

FinTech Cloud

Financial transaction-centric data core. Powered by our LedgerSync™ CDP. Accelerates the flow of money.

Healthcare Cloud: Powered By DrugSync™

Healthcare Cloud

Patient-centric data core. Powered by our DrugSync™ CDP. Accelerates healthcare accounting and compliance.

Product Lifecycle Cloud: Powered By ShopperSync®

Product Lifecycle Cloud

Product-centric data core. Powered by our GoodsSync™ CDP. Accelerates merchandising and the flow of goods.