We make businesses smarter to improve consumers’ lives.

Through curiosity and the intelligent use of data and technology, we uncover valuable insights that make it easier for brands, retailers and healthcare providers to understand, predict and meet the personalized needs of consumers — so they can live their lives to the fullest.



We’ve invested nearly $1B to build integrated platforms that fuel digital transformation for retailers, brands, pharmacies and hospitals. Thanks to our unified data, workflows and fund flows, these platforms are flexible & data-integrated, autonomous & monetizable, and streamlined & future-forward.

Four Clouds, One Powerful Partner

Retail Cloud: Powered By ShopperSync®

Retail Cloud

Shopper-centric data core. Powered by our ShopperSync® customer data platform (CDP). Accelerates modular retail marketing solutions.

Fintech Cloud: Powered By LedgerSync™

FinTech Cloud

Financial transaction-centric data core. Powered by our LedgerSync™ CDP. Accelerates the flow of money.

Healthcare Cloud: Powered By DrugSync™

Healthcare Cloud

Patient-centric data core. Powered by our DrugSync™ CDP. Accelerates healthcare accounting and compliance.

Product Lifecycle Cloud: Powered By ShopperSync®

Product Lifecycle Cloud

Product-centric data core. Powered by our GoodsSync™ CDP. Accelerates merchandising and the flow of goods.