CPGs know every dollar counts. DeductionsLink™ helps brands prevent lost margins from invalid and preventable deductions by putting automation and analytics to work. 


Did you know?

  • Deductions are brands’ second-largest expense after COGs
  • On average, the cost of deductions equates to 10-15% of brand revenue
  • 15-25% of deductions are either invalid or preventable
  • Deductions can come from 30-100 retailers — all in different formats

Do the math — how much money are you leaving on the table?

Managing deductions is challenging. It requires tedious research and accounting and puts hard-earned retailer relationships at risk. Manually processing deductions can consume 50-80% of AR analysts’ time — leaving no time for analysis, prevention, or recovery.

And according to our 2022 Deductions Management Trends Report, coordinating with multiple stakeholders is one of the most common pain points for AR Leaders. It’s messy and inefficient — but it doesn’t have to be.



Building on over 40 years of experience harmonizing workflows between CPG and retail, DeductionsLink helps reduce invalid deductions and simplifies workflows, all in a seamless and convenient SaaS platform.  

DeductionsLink increases profit margins by improving visibility and recovery rates of invalid deductions, and by helping prevent deductions from happening in the first place.

At the same time, DeductionsLink decreases administrative work by up to 80% with an easy-to-use portal and role-based workflows that enable collaboration between Sales, Brokers, Finance and Operations.

Deductions Web Portal and AR Services and Consulting

Deductions Web Portal and AR Services and Consulting

DeductionsLink automates data extraction, coding, and managing disputes and approval management — and helps AR analysts prioritize deductions based on recovery probability through AI-Based Forecasting Methods.

Clients also have the option to tap into consulting services, which provide a higher-touch experience with a dedicated team of experts who can manage your AR activities.


Inmar Intelligence has served as a trusted financial intermediary, managing billions of dollars in payables and receivables across industries from consumer goods to healthcare, for over four decades. Bottom line: We’ve been doing this for a while. And we’re really good at it. 

Perhaps, most importantly, our position in the commercial ecosystem adds an additional layer of rigor and intelligence to your deductions management process. By integrating deductions data with additional data from trade promotions, coupon settlement, supply chain performance analytics and standard GL feeds, you’ll be able to improve validation and reduce disputes.



trade promo

Inmar Trade Promotions

Spend 30% less to increase incremental revenue

supply chain

Supply Chain Performance Analytics

Reduce penalty fees, improve packaging and implement optimal ARP rates


Coupon Settlement

One-count with Inmar reduces deductions and improves relationships