Inmar can help your pharmacy maximize profitability. 


Retailers face lots of challenges when protecting their pharmacy gross margins. As the largest provider of third-party pharmacy reconciliation in the US — processing 25% of the market and 3 of the top 5 retailers — Inmar helps meet those challenges with comprehensive solutions that are intuitive, robust and efficient. So you can maximize profitability, reduce costs and mitigate risk. As the leader in Rx returns — serving pharma manufacturers, hospitals, long-term care and retailers — Inmar Intelligence collects 30+ million pounds of Rx products annually



Are you looking to streamline your operations and improve financial performance? Explore our revenue cycle management solutions and see what exceptional analytics and operational visibility could do for your pharmacy.

  • Rx Reconciliation & Collections
  • Pharmacy Performance Analytics
  • Rx Audit Management

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Inmar provides prescription return services for chain pharmacies.

Chain Pharmacies RX Returns

Drive profitability and manage risk with a streamlined, compliant pharmaceutical returns program.

Our pharmaceutical returns solutions deliver:

  • Industry-leading accuracy
  • Automation
  • Policy management
  • Reconciliation
  • Documentation
  • Benchmarking

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Inmar provides consumer drug take-back programs for easy disposal of prescription drugs.

Consumer Drug Take-Back

The Consumer Drug Take-Back program enables everyone in your community to safely and easily dispose of surplus and expired medications — any time they visit your location — just by dropping them in the secured receptacle.

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Inmar offers customizable floor mats for virtually any application.

Commercial Floor Matting Solutions

We offer customizable floor mats for virtually any application, whether you want to increase branding, help with cleanliness or enhance worker comfort and safety. Our mats are built with the latest technology and materials, to ensure durability. 

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Inmar's comprehensive, automated Hazardous Pharmaceutical Management solution is integrated with an Rx Returns Management Application.

Hazardous Pharmaceutical Management Application

Our comprehensive, automated Hazardous Pharmaceutical Management solution is integrated with our Rx Returns Management Application — to provide regulatory compliance, efficient returns processing and value retention for hazardous pharmaceuticals that require unique handling due to federal and/or state requirements.

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DSCSA Icon of Clipboard and Medicine

DSCSA Pharmacy Compliance

Compliance with DSCSA means you have to be able to trace the full transaction history of every medication that passes through your pharmacy. Inmar’s cloud-based subscription compliance solution streamlines DSCSA medication track and trace requirements making it easily executable with minimal impact on daily operations.

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USP <800> Secure Lock Icon

USP <800> Pharmacy Compliance

USP General Chapter <800> provides standards for the safe handling of hazardous drugs in order to minimize the risk of exposure to healthcare personnel, patients and the environment. This automated data science-driven subscription-based service provides the Assessment of Risks for handling hazardous drugs in compliance with USP <800> requirements while eliminating the manual, resource-intensive and error-prone efforts.

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