Inmar Intelligence Launches New Adult Beverage Media Solution Powered by First-Party Transaction Data from Leading Grocers

Inmar Intelligence | August 5, 2021

Inmar Intelligence, a data-driven, technology-enabled services company, has expanded its adult beverage portfolio to enable real-time shopper attribution and targeting powered by ShopperSync™, our proprietary Customer Data Platform (CDP). 

This innovative platform complements traditional retail incentives practices, allowing adult beverage brands to deepen their customer relationships and capture market share while running targeted programmatic media. Using first-party data from participating retailers including Kroger, Smart & Final, Tops Friendly Markets and others, ShopperSync™ delivers long-awaited sales attribution and media impact for the $7B adult beverage advertising industry. 

“In partnership with leading retail grocers, Inmar Intelligence’s powerful technology closes the loop between advertising investments and explicitly identifies and connects sales tied to adult beverage campaigns,” said Aaron Kechley, General Manager, Media & Data at Inmar Intelligence. “Adult beverage brands can now optimize their advertising budgets like never before through precise targeting and campaign auto-optimization based on specific, near real-time category purchases.”

This enhanced capability of Inmar Intelligence’s data network provides brands with the ability to precisely target verified purchasers of adult beverage products and measure the impact of media on omnichannel sales down to the category, brand or UPC level. This shopper-centric technology uses retail purchase data to report on sales as they occur, while auto-optimizing media performance in real time -- driving efficiencies, maximizing budgets and increasing sales. 

“Adult beverage brands and advertisers have long been charged with cobbling together unverified data from third-party data providers and brokers in order to execute on an assumed addressable market,” said Kechley. “In combining our first-party retail data with that of leading grocery brands, adult beverage advertisers now have unprecedented access to verified, in-store shopper data, allowing adult beverage brands to generate transparent audience segments and direct advertising dollars toward consumers with a level of precision like never before.”

As competition continues to accelerate the race for consumer attention in the adult beverage market, Inmar Intelligence’s Retail Cloud now allows brands an opportunity to amplify offer media through strategic investment in digital channels and eliminate the guessing game surrounding important ROI calculations.

This activation of first-party grocer data positions adult beverage brands to accelerate digital transformation, increase shopper loyalty and profitably drive sales. 

For more information about Inmar Intelligence, please visit our Adult Beverage Solutions page.