Shortages, Inflation Spur New Mix of Paper and Digital Couponing

Inmar Intelligence | October 25, 2022

inflation digital coupon

Consumers are looking for ways to save money right now, and coupons remain one of the most popular methods. However, traditional paper coupons are being supplanted by digital ones. But why is that? And which should your business use?

While paper coupons are still in use, they don’t connect the usage data to the individual shopper — they cast a wide, though imprecise, net. Conversely, digital coupons can deliver data to brands and retailers about shoppers at nearly every point in the customer journey.

Nonetheless, non-digital coupons are still essential to the promotional mix and should coexist with their digital counterparts. Both provide important opportunities for running promotions. If you’re interested in learning more about digital vs. traditional couponing, Bill Beyea, our senior advisory services manager, provides interesting insights in this article.