Reach Every Shopper With The 2023 Digital Shopper Demographic Report

Rob Weisberg, EVP & President, Incentives & Loyalty | March 23, 2023


It’s no surprise shoppers are relying on coupons and incentives, particularly in the wake of record-high inflation that has only recently begun to ease. But how are shoppers from different generations looking for and using those incentives? According to our comprehensive consumer data, you might be surprised to learn that shoppers of all ages are focused on digital incentives — and yes, that includes Boomers!

However, across generations, there are differences in how shoppers found offers, and what motivated them to use the savings.

Our 2023 Digital Shopper Demographic Report will equip you with data, insights, support and strategies to reach and activate Gen Z, Boomers, and every shopper in between.

You’ll learn:

  • Where different generations look for grocery product recommendations
  • How each generation is finding incentives
  • The impact digital incentives have on purchase decisions across generations
  • The best ways to reach shoppers of all ages

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Rob Weisberg, EVP & President, Incentives & Loyalty