Inmar History

To understand where Inmar is today, it’s important to understand how it all began.

In 1980, John Whitaker founded Inmar as Carolina Coupon Clearing — a business for handling coupons for retailers. It provided a revolutionary new service that allowed for the setup of accounts, the collection and digitization of coupon information, and the unification of the two data sets on a data platform.

Today, more than 40 years later, we have four interconnected transactional data platforms — powered by four distinct data cores — providing advanced features to our Fintech, Martech, Supplytech and Healthtech clients.

  • The financial transaction-powered data core supports Fintech and the flow of money.
  • The product-centric data core supports Supplytech and its tracking of goods.
  • The patient-centric data core supports our healthcare business.
  • The shopper-centric core powers the Martech and its Retail Cloud.

Ultimately, our goal is to help companies accelerate commerce through these market-driven platforms — and propel digital transformation through unified data, workflows, and fund flows.


Qualanex, LLC - December 12, 2021

This acquisition was designed to drive the level and pace of innovation and digital transformation that are critical to meet the demands of today’s marketplace. The combination of our two organizations provides an improved experience for Hospitals, Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers.

Aki Technologies - September 2021

Aki Technologies specializes in personalized advertising and personalized digital circulars. This acquisition added Aki Technologies’ ability to deliver personalization at scale to Inmar Intelligence’s existing retail media offerings, which are driven by rich first-party consumer data highly-sought by retailers and brands alike.


RXTransparent - February 2020

Inmar acquired Forerunner Holdings Inc., the developers of RXTransparent, an SAAS platform that allows healthcare providers to put their finger on the pulse of drug supply chain through product inventory transparency, regulatory compliance and supply chain analytics. The acquisition supports Inmar Intelligence’s pharmacy clients in making pharmacy operations more efficient and compliant with two recent industry regulations: DSCSA and USP <800>.


Digitus Solutions - October 2019

The acquisition of Digitus Solutions, a compliance platform is transforming the way adult beverage and other controlled substance brands communicate with consumers. Digitus provides tools to help ensure brands in the adult beverage and other controlled substance industries are compliant with applicable national, state and local laws, local advertising regulations and the industry self-regulatory codes of practice.

OwnerIQ - October 2019

Inmar acquired ownerIQ, a leading media technology company that provides 1st and 2nd party data solutions to brands, retailers, and manufacturers. Together, Inmar and ownerIQ will enable retailers to unlock the power of their first party data for effective and measurable marketing campaigns thus accelerating commerce for CPG clients. This offers retailers fully integrated technology to power their digital media network, and provide brands broader access to the leading retail purchase data marketplace, with over $10B in transactions recorded monthly, both online and offline.

South San Francisco-based YouTech was founded in 2007 and acquired by Kroger in 2014. Its cloud-based digital offer platform enables digital offers for redemption at Kroger and retailers in the US. In combining YouTech’s online engagement capabilities with Inmar’s expertise in managing open platforms, this transaction improves accessibility and expands coupon and rebate distribution for CPGs, helping retailers of all sizes compete and deliver on today’s consumers’ evolving expectations.

Inmar acquires the assets of Capital Returns, currently doing business as GENCO Pharmaceutical Services. Capital Returns offers customized returns management solutions for pharmaceutical trade returns, recalls and withdrawals, samples, clinical returns and product complaints for manufacturers, pharmacies, chains and wholesalers. Along with Inmar’s existing expertise, clients will experience an easier route to getting non-sellable pharmaceuticals out of stream of commerce.


Inmar acquires Innovative Returns Concepts (IRC). IRC is a developer of returns management and product processing software for the grocery sector.

Inmar integrates the Gratafy platform. Gratafy is a technology platform that brings brands, merchants and consumers together to share amazing experiences on-premise.


Inmar acquires RASMAS, a web-based subscription service. The application provides comprehensive notification, distribution, organization, and management of product alerts and recalls throughout the healthcare industry. RASMAS streamlines the recall management communication process with state–of–the–art engineering techniques. Its user-friendly design makes the recall management process fast, organized and effective. RASMAS has helped healthcare organizations reduce alert processing time by up to 80 percent.

Inmar acquires reach | influence, a retail marketing firm focused on powering the shopper experience with the goal of leveraging shopper data to increase sales through a combination of marketing and merchandising programs. reach | influence provides services and insight to independent retailers, wholesalers and product manufacturers to help them measure marketing efficacy, engage their shoppers and provide a conduit to deliver digital offers. The company’s flagship products, reach | engage and reach | offers, provide shopper-facing marketing tools for independent grocery stores in 46 states.

Inmar acquires the MedEx product line from Aethon. The MedEx product line is a pharmacy logistics management solution geared specifically toward medications prepared and delivered from hospital pharmacies, addressing issues related to late, missing or divergent medication deliveries. The line includes three products: MedEx, TubeSafe and TraySafe, which consist of software and connected hardware that control, secure and track the preparation and distribution of medications. The acquisition strengthens Inmar’s technology- and analytics-based offerings for hospital pharmacies to increase compliance, efficiency and safety.


Inmar acquires Collective Bias, the leader in shopper-focused influencer marketing. Collective Bias generates two billion annual impressions for brands and retailers through their innovative Shopper Social Media™ platform. This platform harnesses the power of consumer recommendation and endorsement across thousands of websites and millions of social media connections.

With Collective Bias’ ability to scale and harness the voice of the shopper, and Inmar’s connection to hundreds of millions of point-of-purchase transactions, marketers will be able to see data-driven connections between the power of consumer recommendation and in-store sales.

Inmar acquires shopper analytics and consumer packaged goods consulting firm Willard Bishop. Willard Bishop uses its manufacturer expertise and unprecedented retailer knowledge to create performance-based strategies that work for the supply side, as well as for the demand side. Willard Bishop also integrates shopper-based analytics and cost modeling to identify, and quantify, hidden opportunities.

The company further augments its solution matrix (manufacturer, retailer, and consumer) by providing custom-developed applications, models and tools that improve client performance — from concept to consumer.


Inmar acquires Scanner Applications, a premier provider of scanner-based promotion services, working with consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers to execute efficient and effective trade promotions.


Inmar acquires Clarus Agency, which designs and develops cutting-edge custom mobile experiences for web, iOS and Android platforms — specializing in developing apps with exceptional consumer-level design.

Inmar acquires EXP Pharmaceutical Services Corp., a leading provider of pharmaceutical product returns processing, professional waste disposal and customized reporting services for hospital, government, independent retail, chain-store, clinic, long-term care, veterinarian and dozens of other pharmacy segments including wholesalers and manufacturers.

Inmar acquires Hopster, a leading provider of digital coupons and engagement solutions distributed via, network partners and branded mobile, social and paid media. Through its powerful marketing and technology platform, brands drive measurable engagement and execute 1:1 marketing with offers based on individual shopper behavior.

Inmar acquires Millennium Process Coupon, one of Canada’s largest coupon and rebate processors.

Inmar joins Boston-based Abry Partners from New Mountain Capital, where it achieved significant growth as part of the New Mountain portfolio. Abry Partners is known for building healthcare, media, communications and information services companies.

Inmar relocates its headquarters to Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, a corporate campus filled with companies, technologists and scientists who are driving advancements in diverse industries. Inmar’s LEED platinum-certified building, a renovated tobacco warehouse, was designed specifically to accommodate technology-centered product and service offerings and highly skilled technologists, data scientists and retail experts.

Inmar acquires two-time National Science Foundation award winner vueLogic, a leader in cross-channel segmentation and predictive analytics and maker of a cloud-based, privacy compliant CRM analytics solution.


Inmar acquires M-Dot Network, grand-prize winner of the 2010 Amazon AWS Start-Up Challenge. The proprietary technology was integrated into Inmar’s digital solutions to leverage existing in-store infrastructure to securely redeem paperless coupons at checkout, in real time.


Inmar celebrates its 30th year of providing innovative solutions to its clients.



Inmar announces branding initiative bringing all of its companies under the Inmar name.


Inmar coupon companies offer solution to provide financial settlement for digital coupons.


Inmar partners with New Mountain Capital, a private and public equity management firm.


Carolina Logistics Services acquires the Consumer Products Division of the former Universal Solutions International, Inc. (USI), a leading provider of reverse logistics and supply chain analysis services to manufacturers and distributors.

Carolina Logistics Services acquires USF Processors, a provider of reverse logistics solutions to healthcare and consumer goods retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers.

Inmar acquires VSI Targeting, which focuses on assisting marketers to optimize coupon promotion offers, particularly Free-standing Sunday Inserts (FSIs).


Carolina Logistics Services acquires Med-Turn, a provider of pharmaceutical reverse distribution management services.

Carolina Manufacturer’s Services began to market itself as CMS.


Inmar Technology Solutions acquires Vista Research, a provider of remote systems management services.

Carolina Coupon Clearing renamed Carolina Services.


Inmar Technology Solutions acquires Stratapult, a web design firm.


Inmar Technology Solutions begins providing technology consulting services to external clients.


Carolina Services introduces PRISM, a pharmacy receivables management service.


Carolina Reclamation Services acquires National Distribution Services and is renamed Carolina Logistics Services. The new company offers complete reverse logistics outsourcing solution that includes physical handling as well as tracking and accounting software.


Carolina Reclamation Services (CRS) begins offering software for the reverse logistics activities of retailers and distributors.


Carolina Manufacturer’s Services (CMS) formed to serve manufacturers as an agent and advocate in the coupon redemption process.


Carolina Coupon Clearing (CCC) formed to manage coupon clearing for retailers and distributors.

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