It all began with a question asked by our founder, John Whitaker.

How can we bring speed, automation and accuracy to the complicated process of managing coupons — so it’s easier for retailers to get paid, brands to track effectiveness, and consumers to save?

At the time, the coupon industry primarily involved manual processing. However, John’s management team had a novel idea — to apply technology to coupon processing and settlement.

And that’s how Carolina Coupon Clearing was born.

Even in our early days, technology became an essential driver of the company’s accuracy and efficiency — helping us become a trusted intermediary to retailers and brands. That trust, in turn, led to opportunities to apply our technology beyond the coupon category.

As technology evolved and trust grew, the management team realized the need to restructure systems to provide customers with better and more flexible data. In addition, they had created new companies — like Carolina Manufacturer’s Services and Carolina Return Goods Services — which needed to be consolidated under a single name. And so, Inmar Intelligence was born.

Today, the culture of curiosity and innovation that drove John to start this business is still very much alive. In fact, curiosity is what keeps us up at night and inspires us during the day — motivating us to make businesses smarter so they can improve consumers’ lives. Why? Because, while we might be a data and technology company, we realize it’s not really about data and technology. It’s about what they can accomplish.


John grew up on a farm outside Winston-Salem, NC, part of a family with close ties to the local business community. His father taught John a strong work ethic and encouraged high standards.

His entrepreneurial endeavors began in college, where he served as Business Manager of The Daily Tar Heel. After service in the US Navy, he became a real estate developer — and soon realized his knowledge of real estate start-ups could be applied to other businesses like coupons.

In 2008, having positioned us for growth and continued success in the digital age, John retired from Inmar. He remains a friend and trusted advisor to this day.


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