Reduce product returns-related costs while boosting shopper loyalty.

Turn your product returns process into a loyalty-building powerhouse! Our innovative solutions minimize returns-related expenses, delight your customers, and keep them coming back for more. Say goodbye to headaches and hello to a seamless shopping experience that rewards both you and your customers.


National Drop-off Network

Give your customers a superior experience while reducing costs and emissions.

Your customers want options when it comes to product returns, and now you can offer them a choice of dropping off their goods at more than 4000 package-free locations nationwide or using hassle-free, self-service return kiosks. Slash your return costs by up to $2 per item and fast-track shopper satisfaction with speedier credit processing.

Why Inmar’s National Drop-off Network?


Package-free/label-free returns at 4,000+ locations nationwide


91 NPS (net promoter score)

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85% of the US population lives 15 miles or less from an Inmar return drop-off location

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Returns management and processing

Maximize value recovery, eliminate waste, and stay focused on customer satisfaction.

 Make online and in-store returns easy and convenient for your customers — and more profitable for you — with our RESKU RETURNS management system (RMS) for brands, e-commerce merchants and omnichannel retailers. Not only can you improve recovery with value-based return routing that starts at the point of return, you’ll also save time and money with automated return authorization and vendor invoicing. And the cherry on top? You can generate priceless data specifically tailored to improve your operations.

Why Inmar’s product returns management and processing?


Improve recovery and reduce costs


Gain visibility into process, status, and performance

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Improve vendor reimbursement and streamline return authorizations

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Liquidation and Recommerce

Recover more money. A lot more.

 Increase demand and accelerate speed-to-cash, whether you’re a manufacturer, brand, retailer, or liquidator. Our four-channel liquidation program provides the highest returns — across all inventory categories and in all conditions — without impacting primary sales channels. With our proven track record of delivering exceptional results and unparalleled expertise in the industry, you can trust us to optimize your liquidation process and maximize your financial gains in shorter time frames. Discover the best variety of liquidated inventory sourced directly from the nation's top retailers and manufacturers.

Why Inmar’s Liquidation and Recommerce?


The largest wholesale volume liquidator in the US


Nationwide network of facilities

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5500+ authorized and vetted sellers

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