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Protecting Patients: The Battle Against Counterfeit Drugs

Monday July 22nd, 2pm EDT

The enforcement of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) on November 27 marks a pivotal moment for the pharmaceutical industry and patient safety, but exactly how big is the counterfeit drug problem it aims to solve? Join Inmar’s Pam Forster, director of Healthcare Solutions, and Lori Mayall, senior associate general counsel at Gilead Sciences, as they uncover the alarming prevalence of counterfeit drugs in the United States. During this webinar expect to hear about:

  • Gilead's efforts against counterfeit medications 
  • The impact of DSCSA on distribution
  • How stakeholders along the supply chain can play an active role in prevention 

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RxTransparent - DSCSA / USP <800> Demo

Modern-day pharmacy operations require compliance with government safety regulations.

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) demands pharmacies be able to trace drug products through every change of ownership, tracking their complete product history along the supply chain. December 1st, 2019, NIOSH recommended state boards of pharmacies adopt USP<800>, which requires healthcare facilities to identify and assess the risk of hazardous drugs (HD) and their potential impact on healthcare workers.

Learn how to maintain compliance while saving time and protecting your patients, staff and facility — with RxTransparent.

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Pharmacy Revenue Cycle Management - Rx Reconciliation & Collections Demo

Pharmacy Revenue Cycle Management solutions help pharmacies of every type and size improve operations, reduce costs and leverage business intelligence to maximize revenue recovery, efficiency and profitability.

Rx Reconciliation & Collections tools improve reimbursement, profitability and payer compliance through claims reconciliation, exceptional workflow management and business intelligence.

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