Solutions for Government

Inmar government services — a trusted, innovative, responsive partner

Overcome the greatest challenges facing your agency by using our analytical insights and innovative platforms. We'll help streamline services and reduce program costs, making it easier for you to give clients the help they need to enrich their lives.

EBT host processing solutions

introducing LifeInCheck™ EBT. Now it's possible to have an ebt processor who's both responsive and innovative.

LifeInCheck™ EBT is a proprietary, innovative platform that not only strengthens your nutrition assistance programs, but also provides the responsiveness you and your clients deserve.

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Healthcare Solutions

We help simplify the complex in pharmacy process workflow

Over 80% of all US hospitals and 100% of continental United States Department of Defense locations utilize Inmar for pharmaceutical reverse distribution. Additionally, Inmar specializes in a number of process workflow improvement solutions that include automated recall management, tray replenishment automation, hazardous waste management and more. 

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Reverse Logistics Solutions

Managing returns is becoming more costly. We make it cost-effective.

Our returns management software and services help you recover money on returns you aren't seeing now. Our national footprint of more than 25 reverse logistics facilities helps you retain more value on returned product, lower shipping and transportation costs, reduce touches, and shorten speed to refund for your e-commerce customers. Retain more value, manage costs better, delight customers. It's what we do.

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INMAR’S Retail Engagement PLATFORM


Today’s shoppers expect convenient and personalized engagements during every interaction. Inmar empowers retailers to seamlessly deliver meaningful experiences that delight shoppers and drive loyalty. Inmar's Retail Engagement Platform combines industry-leading technology with robust, integrated tools so your team can easily deploy sophisticated engagement programs that work in conjunction with those of CPG partners. 

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