Welcome to the Inmar® Strategic Partnership Program

Our Strategic Partnership Program is designed to help our clients and partners meet the demand for digital transformation by acquiring or partnering with best-in-class technology, analytics and media companies from around the world. We are continually assessing the market to identify and evaluate complementary offerings where our combined solution provides for a 1+1 = 3 proposition for our clients. The Partner company’s capabilities are integrated into Inmar’s comprehensive suite of solutions and sold via our enterprise sales teams.

  • Data and Insights: unique data sources and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning driven recommendations and outcomes
  • Content Technology: content creation, delivery, automation, decisioning and optimization through open technology platforms
  • Point-of-sale & e-Commerce Technology: next gen seamless commerce and transaction experiences
  • Compliance: solutions that reduce risk and complexity for pharmacies and providers while creating new data assets
  • Post purchase: pre-integrated Tech-Enabled platforms to expand Inmar’s presence in a consumer’s post purchase journey

Thank You for Your Interest in Our Strategic Partnership Program.