Chart a course for business success.

The Inmar Center for Brand Excellence provides emerging brands with the data, tools and strategies they need to take full advantage of new and unprecedented growth opportunities developing in today’s marketplace.
The Center is led by co-directors Brooke Smith and Tim Clark. Brooke and Tim have 45 years’ combined experience in manufacturing, with expertise across a variety of functions including market positioning, research and development, retail and channel strategy, sales, promotions, capacity and growth planning, food safety and regulatory compliance.

Consumers are engaging, more than ever, with brands that directly reflect their values and lifestyles.

Retailers, in response, are turning to emerging brands to drive category growth. The result is an unprecedented opportunity for innovative consumer product manufactures to grow distribution, stand out in the marketplace and win with key retailers and shoppers. The Inmar Center for Brand Excellence was established to help emerging brands fully leverage this opportunity and take a more strategic approach to their growth.

The Center helps brands:

  • Define their core shoppers and understand their purchase behavior.
  • Understand the key drivers in their category and identify opportunities for growth.
  • Pursue strategic expansion targeting current and potential retail partners.
  • Establish sustainable best practices for trade and consumer promotions.
  • Plan, execute, measure and refine promotion activity by retailer.

At the Inmar Center for Brand Excellence we know, first-hand, the intricate challenges that brands face in all phases of growth. With deep experience in manufacturing, expansive category insights and access to the solutions offered through the Inmar Promotion Network, we are uniquely positioned to help brands chart a course for business success.

Center co-directors Brooke Smith and Tim Clark

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