The Joint Industry Coupon Committee (JICC) is reporting that UPC Prefix 5 barcodes will be retired from manufacturer coupons as of June 30, 2015. These symbols will no longer be used after that date as manufacturers are expected to shift to exclusive use of the GS1 DataBar™ format for coupons.
The JICC is urging retailers to prepare for this change as the move to exclusive use of GS1 DataBar will improve efficiency at checkout, help reduce fraud and lessen the likelihood of mis-redemption. So that they can realize these benefits, and avoid the possibility of being placed in a disadvantaged position in the marketplace after June 30, retailers are being encouraged to implement and/or activate scanning systems capable of reading the GS1 DataBar as soon as possible.
The transition to the GS1 DataBar has been under way for some time — driven, in large part, by the promise of very specific “in-lane” benefits for retailers, including:Automatic check of coupon expiration dateAutomatic match of double-coupon value limits to purchase requirementsReduced cashier intervention with complex offersEnablement of retailer-specific coupons
At the same time, retailers not able to scan the GS1 DataBar by the end of June 2015 may face a number of business challenges, including:Potential processing of expired or fraudulent couponsInability of customers to use coupons at self-checkout kiosksIncreased cashier labor and time for manual processing of coupons at checkout
The decision to move to exclusive use of the GS1 DataBar was announced in 2007, with the phase out period for UPC Prefix 5 barcodes beginning in 2011 and now scheduled to conclude June 30, 2015.
At Inmar, we provide the expertise and the technology to help clients quickly and easily meet all their offer coding requirements. With our solutions, clients don’t have to work hard – or wait – for bar codes.
Inmar clients have access to GS1-certified bar code specialists, a proprietary web app that enables quick and easy production of industry-standard bar codes and verification and validation services to ensure that bar codes are properly integrated into coupon artwork and will be scannable at point-of-sale.
To learn more about Inmar’s bar code management services or for assistance transitioning to the GS1 DataBar, please contact your Inmar account team.

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