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Like using technology to break the rules? Us, too. Our engineers and data scientists are using the newest web and mobile technology and data analytics to rewrite the rules of commerce in healthcare and consumer goods. And, we’re looking for really smart, driven technologists who aren’t afraid to explore unchartered territory to join us.

On our technology team, you’ll have the visibility, mentoring and strong team support you need to impact industry and the lives of patients and consumers.

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Inmar technology is used by the world’s largest retailers and brands, and the most innovative boutique companies, to get lifesaving medication and products into the hands of people everywhere to enhance quality of life – improving access to healthcare, to targeted offers that help their families save money and to products they need – wherever they are located.

We use a diverse technology suite to make it happen:

Professional Development

Inmar’s formal on-site Learning Program, active participation in professional organizations, tuition assistance and Text for Success benefits will support your desire to learn new technology and other professional skills. At Inmar, you will not risk becoming stagnant. Python and SQL user groups, the North Carolina Technology Association (NCTA), and many others, will help you be at the top of your game.

Our CTO is an engineer’s manager and is personally committed to each team member’s continued development.


Inmar’s Leadership team has designed and continually cultivates an environment geared to the needs and preferences of the highest-performing technology professionals. From implementing new technologies and methodologies to a casual dress policy, as an Inmar technologist, you will have the autonomy and support you need to innovate and thrive professionally and socially.

Career Path

Your career path shouldn’t be the same as the team member working alongside you. As a large company, Inmar team members have options to grow their careers in the way that’s right for them. You will work with management and mentors as part of a formal Professional Development Program (PDP) to chart your own path, whether that’s advancing to new positions and areas of the company, or by advancing your skillset and contribution in your current position.

The Inmar Technology Scholars Program

Inmar Technology Scholarships, begun in 2015, are awarded to students who present solid academic credentials and who have a strong interest in Computer Science. Inmar Technology Scholarships, valued at $10,000 annually, also allow students to earn $6,400 during the summer and up to $5,000 through fall and spring semester work study at Inmar.

Patent Incentive Program

Inmar offers an active and generous Patent Incentive Program that rewards creative-thinking associates in all areas of our company. The program’s phased structure offers rewards at every stage of the process.


Inmar has designed an award-winning benefits package to help you manage the things that life throws your way – healthcare, finances, family needs…dry cleaning. So, you can focus on killer innovation.

Making a Difference

If you have a passion for technology, you probably remember when it just clicked. Most often, someone shared their passion with us and it became yours as well. Serving others is central to Inmar’s culture – both inside and outside of business hours.

Our Technology team is actively involved in professional and service organizations that help make our community better. The Inmar Cares and IT Mentoring programs, robotics programs in local schools, United Way Young Leaders United, and many other opportunities enable us to share our passions and make a difference to others.

Interested in joining us as we break the rules of commerce? See the opportunities currently available here.

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