Whether you’re facing inefficiencies in your supply chain or an unexpected recall, the more you know the more you can save.

From data to decisions, our supply chain analytics can help you drive success. Leveraging actionable intelligence allows for better inventory management and proactive issue resolution. By embracing this powerful service you’ll enhance visibility, optimize logistics, and ensure resilience in the face of supply chain challenges.


Supply Chain Performance Analytics

Improve profits and reduce waste with our Supply Chain Performance Analytics (SCPA).

We analyze over 500 million returns yearly, conduct extensive studies, and collaborate with major consumer goods companies to gather crucial data. By using data harmonization techniques and advanced analytics, we provide insights that help retailers and brands boost efficiency, profits, and cut waste.

Why Inmar’s SCPA?


Align your performance objectives and unsaleable policies


Pinpoint problem areas

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Reduce damage fees and increase profits


Recalls and Market Actions

Reduce risk and limit your exposure.

Count on us for reliable recall and market withdrawal services. We offer thorough readiness checks, clear procedures, regulatory advice, and accurate reporting to ensure smooth handling of recalls or market actions. Our support also aims to shield your customers, brand, reputation, and profits from potential repercussions.

Why Inmar’s Recalls and Market Actions?


>20% savings on recall execution costs


Retain 38% greater consumer loyalty

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Leverage 70 years of hazardous materials expertise

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What can we help you achieve?

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