Retail and CPG Supply Chain Solution

Think you can't control returns? Think again.

Proactively reduce your returns volume, protect your brand and maximize your value recovery.

We have an unmatched set of capabilities to help you control returns. Our nationwide facility network reduces cost. Our regulatory safeguards enable comprehensive compliance. And our years of process improvement ensure you get the best performance.

Inmar can help your business retain more value on the higher volume of product returns in e-commerce.

Retail Returns


Make returns a positive customer experience, recover more product value, get consistent processing at scale and significantly reduce transportation costs in e-commerce or omnichannel.


Inmar collect datas across the product lifecycle.

Supply Chain Performance Analytics

Make more-informed decisions with better data.

We collect data across the product lifecycle which lets us provide ROI-focused strategies fueled by unparalleled analytics. These strategies can help you identify actionable opportunities for optimization, waste reduction and profitability.

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Inmar has facilities across North America selling quality overstocks and returns.

Smartlots Liquidation Marketplace

Buy liquidated overstocks and returns from top retailers.

We have facilities across North America selling quality overstocks and returns. We’re your best source for top-quality liquidated goods by the pallet or truckload.

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Post-Purchase Experience Management

Post-Purchase Experience Management


Providing consumers with a frictionless delivery and returns experience is critical to driving repeat purchase and growing loyalty. With our advanced solution for outbound and inbound product management you can delight customers, create profit-protecting efficiencies and maximize value recovery

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Fast, compliant, expert capability during a recall is one of greatest risk management factors you can have in place.


Face your company’s biggest risk with confidence.

Fast, compliant, expert capability during a recall is one of the greatest risk management factors you can have in place. From retrieval and disposition strategy and services to regulatory communication and consumer engagement, we’ll help get you through the storm.

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Inmar gets you access to the largest liquidation buyer base in secondary market sales.

Liquidate Excess Inventory

Improve recovery value and sustainability.

Get access to the largest liquidation buyer base in the secondary market, increase recovery and divert products from the landfill. Because Inmar’s clients use our nationwide facility network, they have the power to choose the most advantageous liquidators. That’s how 7 of the top 10 retailers are already saving money.

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The proof is in our clients' success

See examples of how our clients recover value on returns every day.

Choosing a Reverse Logistics Provider



Look beyond cost and efficiency. We can help you approach reverse logistics as a powerful factor in consumer influence and profitability. And it’s a force you can control with the right software, data insight and processing. 


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