How To Maximize Your Holiday Budget With Promotions & Media

Inmar Intelligence | November 15, 2022

holiday season promotion

Ready to drive more units this holiday season?

There’s still time. If you have funds to push your product for 2022 revenue but are unsure about the best ways to maximize that end-of-year budget, we can help. This holiday season is a unique challenge because shoppers have developed new purchase habits in response to inflation. Keeping this in mind, reaching and activating shoppers will be more challenging than ever — but still entirely possible.

84% of shoppers are actively switching brands due to price increases from inflation.

If you’re going to reach those price-conscious shoppers — and make the most of the funds you have left to impact revenue this year — promotions and media are the answer. But even better, you can create a winning strategy when you combine those efforts. We’ve put together a quick resource to help outline how you can move units and maximize your remaining 2022 budget. So get instant access, and find out how your brand can close out 2022 on a high note!