Gain maximum benefit from coupon promotions.

Manufacturers and retailers can realize maximum benefit from their coupon promotions through Inmar’s full-service coupon processing and settlement solution. As a trusted coupon clearing house, we manage transactions worth billions of dollars every year with outstanding accuracy (99.8%), transparency and an unwavering commitment to maintaining and strengthening the business relationships among all those involved.

Coupon Processing and Settlement for Retailers

Retailers can achieve optimum cash flow while recouping the cost of coupons by relying on Inmar’s processing and settlement solution. And, it all happens with total invoicing transparency. One-count and two-count processing options, along with flexible invoicing, allow retailers to maintain effective coupon cost management and promotion program accountability while adhering to business rules and meeting trading partner requirements

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Coupon Processing and Settlement for Manufacturers

Manufacturers who rely on Inmar for coupon clearing derive maximum benefit from their paper and digital promotions through expedient financial settlement, rigorous fraud mitigation and extensive data capture and analysis. Additional services, including redemption monitoring, bar code generation and family code maintenance, are available to help manufacturers realize the greatest possible ROI from their coupon programs.

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Store Offer Management

Retailers can employ Inmar’s store offer management solution for comprehensive execution of store offers (“in-ads”). All aspects of this promotion strategy are fully enabled – from offer set-up through processing and settlement. Retailer promotion programming is further enhanced through redemption data capture and offer performance analysis.

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