Motivate Purchase and Gain Consumer Loyalty Through Timely, Personalized Incentives

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Today’s consumer is inundated with impersonal offers and pesky messaging at every turn and, as a result, many struggle to find offers that are relevant enough to inspire a purchase, much less loyalty. Inmar’s robust Retail Cloud powers loyalty programs and Load-to-Card offer technology for many of the nation’s preferred shopping destinations, bringing their customers seamless opportunities to find and redeem offers based on their individual shopping behaviors.


Inmar’s Incentives Manager provides you with direct access to engaged shoppers, each of whom is actively browsing their favorite retailer’s coupon gallery. Our exclusive list of connected retailers extends coast-to-coast and covers a variety of channels including grocery, drug and dollar.

Accomplish Key Brand Objectives with Digital Coupons

Drive Trial

Offering shoppers savings helps lower the barrier to entry and encourages brand trial. In fact, 59 percent of shoppers who made a brand trial purchase did so because a product was on sale or they had a digital coupon.

Move Units / Increase Sales & Frequency

Coupons are proven to influence shopper behavior. 85 percent of coupon users reported a coupon changed their behavior — meaning they bought sooner, purchased a higher quantity, or tried a new product for the first time. And digital coupon redemption is far-outpacing paper coupons, by almost 4X in Q2 of 2022.

Build shopper loyalty

Targeting allows you to provide personalized offers, so you can provide relevant offers without subsidizing shoppers. The precise targeting of digital coupons allows you to re-engage lapsed shoppers, appropriately reward loyal shoppers and entice category buyers.

Inmar provides you with real-time access to campaign reporting.

In-Flight Optimization and Intuitive Budget Management Tools

We provide you with access to real-time campaign reporting and the ability to make real-time adjustments that more effectively utilize your budget.

Inmar helps you customize your audience and the offers they are presented.


Customize your audience and the offers they are presented utilizing first-party purchase data and proprietary ShopperSync™ technology. Our Targeted Offers deliver unique, personalized incentives to consumers with the goal of increasing relevance, enhancing performance and improving overall program efficiency.

We have over 700 independent retails in the Inmar Digital Promotions Network.


With over 700 independent retailers in our diverse network, national offer programs enabled by Inmar do not overlook these competitive members of the retail ecosystem. Shoppers of independently-owned stores have proven to make more trips and have larger baskets than shoppers of their mainstream counterparts.