Technology-Driven, Industry-Leading Solutions to Manage Rx Returns.


of pharmaceutical returns nationwide flow through our processing facilities
our 99% overall accuracy is the industry’s best
30+ million pounds
of Rx products collected annually from pharma manufacturers, hospitals, long-term care and retailers.


This acquisition will drive the level and pace of innovation and digital transformation that are critical to meet the demands of today’s marketplace. The combination of our two organizations will provide an improved experience for all in the reverse distribution ecosystem: Hospitals, Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers, as we focus on improving efficiency, accuracy and turnaround times. Together, our two Rx facilities, Inmar’s Grand Prairie location and Qualanex’s Libertyville site, will offer numerous benefits including important protection as part of our disaster recovery plan.

With more than 25 years helping clients — serving 50,000+ pharmacies and 80% of US hospitals, processing >95% of the industry's wholesale returns and 85% of Rx returns nationwide — Inmar is proud to be the leader in pharmaceutical returns.

Inmar’s waste-to-energy program supports sustainability by generating 8 million kilowatt hours of energy from Rx Returns and non-Rx Returns that are being removed from the supply chain. 

Inmar provides better technology for pharmaceutical manufacturers to process returns.

Better technology improves the process.

One-Touch Advantage® simplifies complexity and improves accuracy while enabling faster credit reconciliation. Benefits include:

  • Reduced discrepancies
  • Elimination of count discrepancies
  • Reduced risk of lost shipments
  • Improved accuracy of product identification
  • Reduced physical processing
  • A smaller carbon footprint

Our clients benefit from improved credit processes with accurate trading partner identification. In addition, they have the ability to research customer inquiries, manage wholesaler returns by distribution center, and collaborate with individual trading partners to forecast regional dispensing demand.

Inmar's Pharmaceutical Analytics Application is a business intelligence tool designed specifically to meet the information needs of the manufacturer.

Analytics and Reporting

Our Pharmaceutical Analytics Application is a business intelligence tool designed specifically to meet the information needs of the manufacturer — providing immediate access to consolidated returns and recall databases. The analytics tool helps you:

  • Analyze data to determine source reduction opportunities
  • Identify and utilize trends and RA cycle times
  • Address variances in returns practices
  • Analyze aging product levels
  • Measure the effectiveness of both open and closed recalls

In addition, manufacturers can view invoices, partner discrepancies, shipment tracking numbers and proof of destructions. We can also integrate outside data sources like sales data, third-party files and more.