Inmar Government Solutions

Redefine Service. Impact Lives. Deliver Results.

Inmar provides innovative platforms to federal, state and local government that enable agencies at every level to reduce administrative costs, enhance client service, improve constituent access to healthier food, and effectively address issues affecting the cost of healthcare.

Business Processing

Government agencies taking full advantage of Inmar’s time-proven commerce technologies realize a host of benefits including cost savings, reduced administrative burdens, increased operational efficiency, greater transactional security and optimized interaction with business and strategic partners.

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Advanced Analytics Solutions

Government agencies seeking to gain greater visibility into their operations, and more effectively engage their constituents, can rely on Inmar to provide data-driven insights into both organizational and client behavior. Leveraging these actionable insights, administrators can develop strategies for optimizing agency performance and enhancing service to clients.

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Engagement and Activation

Government agencies wanting to encourage healthier behavior among both constituents and employees have, through Inmar, multiple resources for enhancing internal and external outreach and driving deeper, more consistent engagement. By taking full advantage of Inmar’s capabilities, agencies can cost-effectively incent audiences to purchase more nutritious food and motivate adoption of a healthier lifestyle.

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