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So are we, and we have the plan and technology to make it happen. Read more in this 2-page Q&A from Progressive Grocer.

Coupon fraud represents a growing challenge for the industry as the volume of counterfeit coupons has tripled over the past few years, with associated liability estimates exceeding $100 million a year. In addition to these hard costs, the presence of fraudulent coupons in the marketplace creates otherwise avoidable complications for both brands and retailers that ultimately impact shoppers. 

Inmar Intelligence provides brands and retailers with a comprehensive fraud mitigation solution that enables the PREVENTION, DETECTION, AND REMEDIATION of fraudulent activity. This proactive holistic solution tackles coupon fraud head on to help our clients avoid unnecessary costs, foster improved trade relationships and maximize return on promotional investments.

Our Commitment to Protecting the Industry

We are dedicated to ending coupon fraud in the industry by 2024. How? Learn more.


CNFRM™  -- our multi-functional, POS-integrated technology -- prevents counterfeit coupon redemption at the register. Leveraging a cloud-based decision engine, CNFRM™ immediately validates every coupon scan against positive and negative offer files, identifying invalid and counterfeit coupons before they can be redeemed.

CNFRM™ enables retailers to:

  • Stop redemption of counterfeit coupons while facilitating a better checkout experience
  • Accelerate detection and arbitration of new unknown offers that may be counterfeit
  • Avoid manufacturer-withheld payments for coupon misredemption
  • Maintain positive trade relationships and maximize return on promotion spend
  • Prevent out-of-stocks resulting from coupon counterfeiters clearing shelves

Additional Prevention Capabilities:

  • New submitter verification
  • Family code maintenance
  • Daily confirmed counterfeit offer bulletin
We're detecting unseen, suspicious redemptions


Our fraud detection employs AI-based risk modeling to uncover suspicious redemption activities, giving CPG brands and retailers a leg up on proactively addressing scenarios that could indicate fraud. 

Our Fraud Detection data science detects potential coupon fraud and reduces risk of exposure by: 

  • Identifying anomalies and suspicious submission patterns
  • Improving algorithms and models to detect fraudulent submissions
  • Reducing overall exposure to fraud

Additional Detection Services & Capabilities:

  • Active monitoring of scanned ‘unknown’ offers
  • Physical misredemption processing protocols
  • Investigative services



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Remediating Fraudulent Activities

We’re remediating fraudulent activities

Inmar’s On Demand advanced data analytics identifies areas for remediation and measures the effectiveness of ongoing fraud mitigation efforts, providing brands and retailers with actionable insights to continuously reduce losses.

On Demand data analytics enables improved fraud remediation by:

  • Visualizing patterns of fraudulent activity
  • Identifying root causes 
  • Informing targeted corrective action
  • Measuring the impact of fraud mitigation efforts

Additional Remediation Capabilities:

  • Block-listing of offers
  • Pre-payment review
  • Payee restrictions (Do-not-pay list)

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