We give you confidence when recalls or market actions happen.

Reduce risk and limit exposure with our world-class market action/recall and product withdrawal services. From readiness assessment and procedure development to regulatory guidance and reporting, we help minimize the possible impacts of market actions — on customers and your bottom line.

Inmar can help optimize your reverse logistics recall process.

Process Optimization

  • Readiness assessment & gap analysis
  • Procedural development
  • Mock exercise process testing
Inmar can help you manage notifying and responding to consumers during a recall.

Notification & Response

  • List management
  • Consignee notification
  • Response management
  • Return authorization
  • Customer service / call center
  • Effectiveness checks
Inmar can help with product retrieval during recalls.

Product Retrieval

  • On-site pickup
  • Returns facilities
  • Retailer reimbursement
  • Compliant documentation
Inmar can manage disposition during a recall.


  • Waste characterization
  • Witnessed destruction
  • Quarantined storage
  • Asset recovery
Inmar can monitor performance analytics during product recalls.

Performance Analytics

  • Regulatory compliance reporting
  • Post-event analysis and key-learnings review
  • Cross-functional improvements execution

Inmar Recalls has nearly 3 decades of experience developing and executing market action strategies.

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