Pharmacy Physical Inventory Services

Easily manage physical inventory, while saving time and money.

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We are proud to work with Capital Inventory, the leader in hospital physical pharmacy inventories. With nearly 35 years of experience focused on the healthcare industry, they serve almost 2,500 U.S. healthcare facilities. Capital Inventory team leaders have an average of 10 years' experience working exclusively with pharmacies, so they truly understand the challenges pharmacy personnel face. They know what questions to ask ahead of time — and how to prepare your pharmacy and team — so there are no surprises.

no effort needed with inmar pharmacy management

virtually no effort needed from your pharmacy staff.

Your team won't have to spend time researching product prices or codes. They also won't have to worry about disruptions, because Capital Inventory coordinates their staff around your pharmacy's day-to-day operations — even on inventory day.

Receive an accurate, easy-to-understand report within ten days.

Capital Inventory thoroughly analyzes and validates your inventory data to ensure it's correct. Then they quickly produce a comprehensive, accurate, easy-to-understand report. So you know just where you stand, in no-time.

  • Get your report your way — alphabetical by trade or section, generic, or manufacturer. Just ask!
  • Comparison reports are available starting with your second inventory, highlighting variances in inventory levels of each drug.
accuracy is important when managing physical pharmacy inventory

When it comes to inventory, it's all about accuracy.

An inaccurate count of one product — followed by the wrong package price — could exponentially impact your pharmacy valuation. Capital Inventory understands the nuances of National Drug Codes (NDCs) on outer packs versus inner packs, so you know your inventory and pricing are correct.

pay with inmar return credits

Pay with pending inmar return credits.

We understand the constraints placed on pharmacy budgets. That's why we offer the ability to pay the cost of the inventory service from your pending Inmar return credits. The result? No invoices. No check requests. And no burden on your pharmacy budget.

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