Apparel Maker Returns Management Case Study

Apparel maker gets 650,000-unit return backlog relief and $45M in product returned to salable condition


A major-brand omnichannel apparel seller had a returns backlog of several hundred thousand units blocking forward-bound product in its fulfillment center


  • Interfaced with client’s returns initiation platform to automate receipts/credits
  • Replicated client’s specific inspection and repackaging process to evaluate returned product eligibility to be returned to stock
  • Implemented new liquidation program to improve value recovery in secondary markets


Inmar cleared a total returns backlog of 650,000 units valued at $45M:

  • Inmar cut the product backlog by more than 75%(250,000 units) in the first 6 weeks 
  • Folded, poly-bagged, and labeled to return 90%+ products to retail stock
  • Processing returns in Inmar facilities allowed rededication of DC space to forward flows
  • 130+ employees were returned to fulfillment duties in the client facility and square footage dedicated to forward-bound product to meet throughput for new corporate sales objectives. Eliminated extra shifts and weekend work

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