Inmar Digital Promotion Suite

Digital promotion is a powerful shopper engagement channel for both manufacturers and retailers — with growth in redemption volume for digitally discovered coupons exceeding 200 percent annually. However, along with this new opportunity, come new operational and technological requirements for marketers. Inmar, the industry leader in digital promotion, offers trading partners a suite of apps built on a real-time relationship platform and a full range of services that are enhanced through Inmar's advanced analytics. Our solutions enable highly efficient and effective promotions across diverse digital platforms.

Inmar is leading the industry in digital promotions.


Processing and Financial Settlement

Inmar processes a digital coupon every second with the same accuracy and quality assurance that have been our trademarks for more than 30 years.

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Channel Activation

We are experts at integrating our software into existing POS systems – enabling digital coupon redemption without the need for new hardware "in the lane."

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Our Analytics Suite provides actionable insights into shopper behavior, giving clients a strategic competitive advantage for growing share in an increasingly fragmented and complex retail marketplace.

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Offer Enablement and Aggregation

Inmar enhances trading partners' marketing efforts by creating, activating, distributing and making available all types of digital promotions needed for optimum shopper engagement.

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Offer Management Web App

The Offer Management Web App provides both retailers and manufacturers with a shared set of core functions for digital promotion, including:

  • offer setup
  • offer distribution
  • offer performance monitoring

In addition, retailers can use the App to:

  • acquire and approve brand offers
  • upload offers to their website

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Inmar Digital Promotion Offer Management App

Digital Coupon Settlement Web App

The Digital Coupon Settlement web app is a multi-functional tool providing superior visibility into financial operations related to paperless coupons and enables users to execute a full range of settlement, accounting and budget-management functions.

With this App, manufacturers can:

  • manage digital offers
  • forecast offer performance
  • execute enhanced financial reporting

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Inmar Digital Coupon Settlement Web App

B2C Web App

The B2C web app is the ultimate link between consumers and retailers in the digital ecosystem, enabling shopper engagement, digital coupon adoption, information capture and offer redemption while facilitating financial settlement.

With this App, retailers can:

  • Facilitate shopper registration for their digital coupon program.
  • Enables shoppers to easily acquire coupons from the retailer website portal.
  • Execute redemption at Point-of-Sale for digital coupons saved to a shopper's account.

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Inmar B2C Web App

Digital Coupon Mobile App

Simple to use and extremely versatile, the Inmar digital coupon mobile app is an outstanding way for retailers to engage with a mobile target market that wants immediate access to savings. This mobile app is as user-friendly as it is functional — empowering registered shoppers to easily access and take full advantage of a retailer's digital coupon program.

With this app, shoppers can:

  • view and clip coupons — with available offers automatically sorted by individual product category
  • find retailer locations and get detailed contact information for a particular store
  • see, sort and search all the coupons they've clipped and redeemed
  • share clipped coupons — either by email or through social media.

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Inmar Digital Promotion Offer Management App

Customer Service Web App

With this App, retailers have a tool for maintaining superior customer service while viewing trip-specific shopper behavior. The App's customer look-up interface provides a detailed view of individual baskets with additional functionality enabling creation of shopper-specific incentives.

With this App, retailers can:

  • identify shoppers and view trip history and baskets
  • track shopper/customer service interaction and issues
  • view customers' promotion wallets
  • monitor shopper behavior over time at store level

Coming soon for manufacturers!

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Inmar Digital Promotion Customer Service Web App
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